Are you satisfied with your tracks sound? I guess you answer “yes”, but….

  • when its in the air it in the club, you feel that it sounds poor and different from top producers recordings.
  • when you listen to it outside of the studio where it has been produced (in the car, in MP3 player, at friend’s home audio system) you hear that the sound is quite different than you’d like it to be and it differs substantially from the sound you tuned in the studio.
  • you hear a track from another producer, and realize that this is the sound you need, but how to get it remains unclear…

When you see something familiar above – than your headache is over! You just typed in the right web address.
A team of professionals headed by Andi Vax is ready to assist you!

What is mastering?

Mastering is the process of taking the final stereo mixes produced by a recording studio, and creating an album (or single) master ready for duplication. It is the final creative stage in the music recording process. During this process, extra sound processing is usually applied in order to get the sound just right, and to fix any problems from the recording stage.

Mastering VS Mixing - what's the difference?

Sometimes we receive poor-mixed tracks or tracks which we can mix better. In this case we may offer you both mixing and mastering, so you could get even better sound. Even if you're sure that your mixing is good, we may mix it better!

Why should I have my material professionally mastered?

To put it simple, than it sounds as good as possible. Professional mastering engineers have years or decades of experience. They have mastered hundreds, perhaps thousands, of projects. They work in proper sounding rooms with proper professional equipment. And they know exactly what to do to make your music sound better. It’s not just making your tracks louder by using maximizers before proceeding with the copies. It’s a process that gets the best possible sound out of your music.

What mastering can't do?

Rude mistakes in the instruments balance, nonlinear distortions on instruments or whole mix, overcompression of the instruments or the whole mix, excessive reverbs or delays, imperfect preformance. It's not possible to get a fat and driving mix from a bad arrangement.

Our album sounds good in the studio where we've recorded it, but sounds bad on other sound systems. Can mastering fix it?

It's our primary goal - to provide a perfect reproduction/playback of your mix within a wide spectrum of sound systems - from cheap CD players to hi-end gear.

Can mastering help me if I'm sending you a track with defects (for example, too harsh guitars or too loud hats)?

Mastering can't solve the arrangement, tracking or mixing problems. But still it depends on the track and we do everything possible to "save the mix" and make our customers satisfied.

Can I hear demos of ANDIVAX MASTERING work?

Sure. There is a number of "Before" and "After" examples at Portfolio Page.

How do I upload my music to ANDIVAX MASTERING?

Just upload it on www.wetransfer.com or use Google Drive. Archive it with RAR or ZIP please!

What exactly should I upload to ANDIVAX MASTERING?

Most of our clients send us their mixes as WAV files at 44.1kHz-96kHz, 24 bits. Please don’t put any processing on the mix bus. Do not normalise! Do not finalize! Do not maximize! Do not apply any other overall processing to the entire mix as it should be carried out at the mastering stage. For detailed info please check "SERVICES" area.

How do I pay?

With Western Union or Moneygram. We do not accept PayPal (not available in Ukraine at his moment).

How much do I pay?

The cost of services is discussed after receiving of the demo track.

How long will it take for my music to be mastered and/or mixed?

We will always do our best to get your order done promptly. Sound Engineer will let you know when he will start to execute the order. If you're running out of time, just let us know! We will have to charge extra for the emergency.

In which format will I receive my mastered tracks?

We can deliver your mastered tracks as WAV files. 44.1 KHz, 16 bits.

What should I do if i'm not happy with how it sounds now?

If you are not satisfied with the sound of the mastered material, please contact us. If there is a problem due to an error on our part, then naturally we will correct it free of charge. If you require changes or amendments to the work, please contact our sound engineer. Often, minor amendments are done without any extra charges, though it's at the discretion of the sound engineer. Complex or repeated changes may incur an extra charge.

What is SynSUN?

Outside the CIS Andrei Vakhnenko became famous due to iconic project SynSUN which in 2001 entered top 10 European trance projects (by contest results of the label Inpsyde Media, Italy). For the last 10 years SynSUN grew into an international giant trance music. In its albums you can find official remixes from / to Skazi, Yahel, Bliss, Talamasca, Eskimo, System Nipel, The Misted Muppet, Wizzy Noise, Michele Adamson, VIbe Tribe. http://synsun.info